Ballex Dance & Entertainment

Ballex Dance & Entertainment is a company founded in 2008 by Gugu Keswa(N.S.A - Ballet Major) who is an all round artist(musician, writer and dancer)

Gugu is a trained professional dancer who attended N.S.A. where she majored in Ballet and has been trained in dance forms such as contemporary, spanish, jazz, hip hop, african and ballet. After participating in many shows and training for over 20 years. Gugu felt the strong urge to share her God given talents with other people.

Ballex is a Dance form invented by Gugu Keswa and it is based on the defining characteristics of ballet such turnout, posture and flexibilty however it's main focus is on exercise benefits. Ballex was created for normal people of all shapes and sizes to be able to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of ballet.

Ballex Dance & Entertainment was founded with the same passion to share dance & entertainment with The World.

Gugu "Juje" Keswa - Director